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NYRA’s NSecPOS - a Terminal Line Encryption (TLE) solution - is built to ensure and applied the security measurement needed for banking POS network infrastructure. It addressed network security in POS transactions as well as fraud threats, with a solution that offers scalability, flexibility and durability.
Benefits: Features:
  • Multiple encryption algorithm (3DES-ECB, 3DES-CBC, AES)
  • Multiple key exchange algorithm (3DS, RSA)
  • Multiple key injection mechanism (manual entry, Export Secure Batch Key file and Remote Injection)
  • Multiple key management schemes (static unique key per terminal and dynamic unique session key per transaction)
  • Multiple host links, with smart load balancing routing to multiple hosts
  • Flexible multi encryption mechanism (fields to encrypt is configurable: full, partial, or selected fields)
  • True random number engine
  • FIPS 401 validated
  • Web user interface for administrator
  • Support NII translation and multi NACs infrastructure
  • Open standard (integration document will be provided)
  • Strong encryption key protection (using HSM)
  • Utilizing 2 network adapter (can act as a transaction firewall)

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