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Single bank notes acceptor and validator
  • 4 ways bill insertion
  • First acceptance rate > 99%
  • Bank note serial number tracking (optional)
  • High processing speed < 2.5 s/note
  • Full surface CIS detection & multiple-line of magnetic detection effectively resist counterfeit
  • Anti-stringing design prevents fraudulence
  • Rapidly firmware patches/upgrading, embarks on latest counterfeit
  • Highly compact structure, save spaces
  • Enclosed transport unit effectively prevents dust, adapts to harsh environment
  • Industrial part features long service life

Card issuing dispenser with IC/RFID Card Reader
  1. Read/Write Components
  2. Issuing Components
  3. Card Thickness Adjustment
  4. Shutter Components (Optional)
  5. Bottom to open-up cover of Read/Write Components
  6. Blade for removable stacker
  7. Metal bar for removable stacker
Space-optimized multi denomination trays cash dispenser
  • The best space efficiency by short-edge dispensing
  • The highest dispensing speed among short-edge dispensers
  • Innovative double note detection technology by ultrasonic sensor
  • Easy maintenance of open guide structure and ergonomic design
  • Scalable configuration, can hold up to 4 different denomination trays
  • Separate-own tray for the dispensed/delivered notes

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