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Multi-function Reader for Indonesian Identity Card (e-KTP).
Portable Unit
IDR 9,5M++
Desktop Unit
IDR 7,5M++
Main Features
  • Reading content of e-KTP chip (biodata, photograph, signature & fingerprint).
  • Validating authenticity of e-KTP chip and validity of the card owner using fingerprint authentication.
  • Activation, Viewing, Storing & Copying/Transmitting contents of e-KTP chip.
  • Equipped with LCD Display with touch-screen capability (by using pen-stylus) for capturing signature; with Screen & Buzzer indicator.
  • Regulatory Certification: BRIN (BPPT), TKDN-KemenPerin & BSSN, each for both types of reader
  • Optional functioning as payment device with certification: NSICCS, Visa/Master, PCI PTS 3.x, EMV4.3 Lvl 1 & 2.
Special Note:
  • Warning! We do not sell our e-KTP reader products through eCommerce channels or online shop.
  • Reader's user institutions are required to have PKS with Dukcapil (mandatory).

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